3 Benefits of Regular Check-Ins with Employees

For many years it has been standard for employers to hold annual employee reviews for their staff. While annual reviews provide a space to discuss workplace goals and career pathing, it’s crucial to also touch base throughout the year. Holding periodic employee check-ins, in addition to yearly reviews, can be more constructive and beneficial for long-term, collaborative success for both employers and employees.

Why are periodic employee check-ins important?

Occasional one-on-one meetings with your employees create a scheduled time that presents an opportunity to discuss anything and everything, like feedback, day-to-day operations, performance, goals and maybe even potential problems.

Use check-ins as a time to candidly converse with your employees, and let them know that you’re available as their manager.

At Pet Butler, we aim to help you and your team achieve tremendous success. Learn about the 3 benefits of regular check-ins with your employees and how these meetings can ensure your business and team see positive results.


1. Employee check-ins boost morale and engagement

Steady productivity is ultimately achieved through inherent motivation or, more simply, doing a job that results in more personal fulfillment. 71% of executives say that employee engagement is an essential contributor to their organizational success.

Employees want to feel appreciated and rewarded for their work. Many people find themselves more valued when their work is regularly recognized instead of on occasion at employee appreciation events.

Use regular check-in meetings to acknowledge the work of your team members. Share the ways in which they’re doing a good job, that you appreciate their dedication and that their work is valuable to the company. In turn, this increases their motivation, productivity and overall job satisfaction.


2. Employee check-ins help construct more productive annual reviews

Regular check-ins improve performance management, especially when managers already know the areas in which direct reports are striving to enhance their performance. This makes it easier for you to complete an accurate performance review that echoes the employee’s work. Here are a few ways that periodic check-ins build toward advantageous yearly reviews:

  • Managers document performance over time. This allows for a more detailed record to refer to during review season.
  • Employees are better prepared for their annual performance review. By checking in consistently and regularly with employees, they’ll have better knowledge of where they stand in terms of their performance. In other words, nothing should come as a shock.
  • Employees always aspire to improve their on-the-job performance. They’ll use their regular check-ins to gather feedback from their manager so they can work toward their goals. This leaves more room to discuss overall progress on these goals during the yearly review.

3. Employee check-ins allow for regular feedback

Employees want and need to receive regular feedback on their work performance. They want to hear what they are excelling at and what areas they can constructively improve. Employees will flourish in their roles when they understand what they can do to grow.

Use this time to discuss what your employee is doing well. Also, be sure to talk about the tasks they could work on bettering and devise a plan to help them progress.


Create recurring meetings in your schedule to have frequent check-ins with each of your employees. When conducted correctly, regular check-ins benefit everyone involved, while improving your organization’s performance and bottom line. At Pet Butler, we believe in investing in our franchise owners, managers and employees. Contact us to get started on your own Pet Butler franchise today!


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