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Meet Pet Butler: Owner Profiles

Don’t take it from us. Hear it from existing Pet Butler owners instead.

The benefits that come with starting a new business with Pet Butler may be best explained by the entrepreneurs and pet industry business owners who have already joined us. Look at each of their story’s and identify with the owners who might be most like you, watch the videos and download their full profiles. Learn from their experiences and discover how a Pet Butler franchise can help you achieve your goals of Freedom, Flexibility and Financial Security.

Owners of Pet Butler
Dayton and Cincinnati, OH
Todd and RJ came to Pet Butler with an entrepreneurial background and a love for their three rescue dogs. Leveraging their business experience, they hit the ground running to take over the second-largest franchise operation in the Pet Butler system.
Owner of Pet Butler
Shawnee Mission, KS
Andy Wiltz is an entrepreneur with a lifelong love for animals. He built on his existing doggie daycare business and diversified with Pet Butler while taking advantage of the Industry Associates Program. This support allowed him to invest in two territories and hire a manager to oversee his business.
Owner of Pet Butler
Livonia, Michigan
Steve Shamou and Johny Kashat noticed how many homeowners could benefit from poop scooping services. They became business partners and joined Pet Butler. They saw it as the perfect opportunity to expand their client base and grow their business using the Pet Butler Industry Associates Program.
Owner of Pet Love Mobile Grooming and Pet Butler
Dallas, Texas
Don is one of the largest mobile groomers in the country operating over 50 trucks in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. Don and his son Jared knew that diversification was a smart business decision and that Pet Butler was a great complement allowing for the cross-sell of services in both directions. They knew a franchise partner would accelerate their learning curve and eliminate the need to take their focus away from their existing business. They saw tremendous value in the back office support that Pet Butler provides, handling all the billing and customer service, as well as sales calls and web lead flow up.
Owner of Pet Butler
Waukesha, WI
Aimee Braatz came to Pet Butler with a successful background in corporate America as well as a proven track record as an entrepreneur. Once she learned of Pet Butler’s franchising opportunity, Aimee was hooked. The chance to bring those services to her community with the support of the franchise system behind her, along with being involved in Pet Butler’s social mission to support and partner with local animal rescues, made it a clear choice as her next career step.
Owner of Pet Butler
Franklin, TN
Susan Curtis came to Pet Butler with a successful background as an entrepreneur. She was a franchise owner for H&R Block in the Greater Nashville market since 2001. In 2013, H&R Block implemented a “buyback” and acquired her three stores, at which point she settled into a consultant and tax preparer role with her existing book of business. Susan’s daughter Shannon was a college student majoring in business management. Although the timing was not perfect, Susan knew that an opportunity existed to make a decision that would positively impact her family’s lives.
Owner of Pet Butler
Tallahassee, FL
Mary Lester lived and worked all over the world before starting a Pet Butler business in 2020. Mary was employed with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and had over 15 years of experience within state government. She is retired from the federal government as a Public Affairs Specialist, where she was the Social Media Manager and Editor for the Missouri National Guard. Mary is also a retired first sergeant, having spent 32 years in the Army National Guard and served a combat tour in Afghanistan.
Owner of Pet Butler
Smyrna, GA
Courtney Elliot-Harrison held multiple retail sales roles, mainly focused on customer service management and leading large projects. But at the end of 2021, she knew the time had come for a career change. Her plan was to dive head-first into entrepreneurship at a young age, following her desire for a better work-life balance and a career in the pet industry. Courtney was very impressed with Pet Butler’s long-term vision and getting into pet care was a game changer. It aligned perfectly with Courtney’s goals and exceeded her expectations.
Owner of GiggyBites Pet Bakery and Pet Butler
Chadds Ford, PA
Rosemarie came across Pet Butler while looking for a business to run in conjunction with her partner Stephanie’s pet bakery. The recurring revenue (without the brick-and-mortar) was attractive to her. Coupled with the amount of support and guidance Pet Butler offers, Pet Butler proved to be a smart diversification strategy.
Owner of Pet Butler
Phoenix, AZ
Cesar Jimenez and his wife Rachael both held successful careers but wanted more. When they came across a Pet Butler newsletter, they were already considering entrepreneurship and seeing a local resale made sense. Fast forward to today and both Cesar and Rachael are extremely happy with their decision to invest in a Pet Butler, they reached goals that they didn’t know were attainable in the pet industry.
Owner of Pet Butler and Spring Green
Kenmore, WA
Ryan Leland led several different career paths. During his journey, he realized he was in a job where there was no more room for growth in the company he worked for, and he wanted out. Ryan was looking to get into business for himself and hired a career coach who identified Spring Green as a fit. Fast forward 12 years, and as a successful Spring Green owner, Leland had nothing but confidence in the enterprise franchise system. When he heard about a Spring Green sister brand going up for sale, the local Pet Butler opportunity, he bought the business and partnered again with Spring Green Enterprises for a 2nd business.
Owner of Pet Butler
Des Moines, IA
Pat Lanigan is no stranger to owning a business as he has owned his own insurance brokerage since 2015. He mentioned it is a niche market which gives him extra time on his hands. He knew that the pet industry has a lot of opportunity and growth potential. When he discovered Pet Butler, he was thrilled to hear about the huge benefits of having a marketing and operations team to work closely with. Because of this and the back-office support that Pet Butler provides, his decision to invest in Pet Butler became a no-brainer.
Owner of Pet Butler
Huntsville, AL
Scott Cockrell believed that taking advantage of the collective knowledge of a franchise system would lead to better work-life balance. He understood that the benefits of joining a proven system outweighed the risk of starting a business on his own. Scott’s ability to communicate with peers is not only fun and sometimes competitive but has also allowed him to make better-informed business decisions when working on his annual business plans.