5 Steps To Stronger Client Relations Video

Simple Steps To Increase The Strength of Your Client Relations

Building strong client relationship when the world has gone digital poses a threat to quality customer service than many businesses are used to. The importance of client relationships on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can often be overlooked and underestimated. For large companies, hiring someone to manage your online presence is essential. But what about the smaller franchise businesses that have always worked face to face? Prioritizing online client relationships has never been more imperative to your business’s success.

Pet Butler has five quick tips you need to build strong relationships in the digital age in the video below:  

Why Does Building Client Relationships Matter?

The cost to acquire a new customer is exponentially higher than retaining a happy one. A satisfied client is more likely to purchase more services or products from a business it has already had a positive exchange. A power of referral – word of mouth, online reviews, and testimonials are front and center in today’s social media-driven marketplaces, making this “seal of approval” from your current customers more powerful than ever!  

Ready to Learn More About Becoming a Pet Butler?

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