A Video Intro To Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management Video

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Last Summer we posted this very popular story, Tips to Manage Your Business Reputation. Looking back, it’s been read hundreds of times and shared widely as well. We felt it might be time to revisit this topic and provide a simple answer to a common question: What is online reputation management (ORM) and why is it so important to my pet business?

The simplest answer, as explained in the brief video below, is that management of your online reputation comes down to one keyword: Reviews. If your business can receive public reviews, ratings and rankings from platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp and other social spaces, you’ll want to create a consistent strategy to request those reviews consistently from your clients. Further, part of that strategy also means being able to quickly address the occasional negative review that is likely to happen.

How Does Pet Butler Handle Reputation Management For Franchisees?

A major benefit for our dozens of Pet Butler franchise owners is our National Call Center based in Illinois. This hardworking crew not only handles inbound calls for our franchisees, they also schedule customer appointments, take care of billing and payments, while also encouraging Pet Butler Clients to leave reviews on a variety of platforms. We take the stress of answering the phones away from our franchisees and their mobile teams in the field, and let them focus on making our customers, and their pets, truly happy!

To learn more about the Pet Butler mobile opportunity, request our complimentary business information kit today!


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