Did You Achieve Your 1st Quarter Goals? 

Business Goal Setting

Is anyone looking at the calendar and scratching their head wondering where the first quarter went? Yes, I am certain it happens to the best of us. Time marches on. We get busy in reactive mode, especially when business is booming. Of course, carving out some time to reflect on wins, losses, goal shredding, and goal missing is also an important exercise for the business. Whether you killed in during Q1 or have some work to do to catch up in Q2, now is the perfect time to take a reflective pause and refresh your quarterly plans. Before we dive right into how to measure and reflect, let’s start at the beginning and look at some quarterly planning and goal-setting best practices. 


How can I set quarterly goals? 

  • What are business goals? Business goals can be defined as a goal that a business works toward implementing in a certain time period. These can be overarching company-wide goals, departmental goals, or tied to individual employees or managers. Goals typically represent a company’s larger purpose and work to establish an end goal for employees to work toward. 


  • Why do business goals matter? Setting business goals are important for several reasons. They provide a yardstick against which to measure your success. They act as a north star to help employees stay moving toward your idea of success. They help to provide insights into whether the company is headed in the right direction. Solid goal-setting exercises are also useful in identifying external threats and opportunities that arise in the marketplace. 


  • What makes a good business goal? Not all business goals are created equal. Using the SMART goal technique is a good rule of thumb. SMART can be broken down by specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. 


Business Goal Setting


What are tips for succeeding at goal setting?

  • Determine What You Want Your Goals To Be – Many businesses struggle with where to begin when there are so many foundational tasks at hand. The key in this step of goal setting is to narrow the focus to the most important and impactful. Creating an audit that involves a SWOT (strength weakness opportunity threat) analysis.  


  • Be As Specific As Possible – After defining some high-level objectives, your goals should get extremely specific. Why? So you don’t lose focus, so it’s clear what you are working towards, and so you can measure your progress. Your roadmap can have a blend of both long-term and short-term goals. Even include some stretch goals, but they should be specific enough that you can measure them. Some examples might read something like: Increase customer base to X by the end of Q3, or Increase sales by $XX by the end of Q3, or have X customers by the end of Q3. 


  • Measure, Measure, Measure – Through careful, objective, and timed measurement, you will gain true insight into your business. With a dedication to measuring the results of your goal-setting efforts, you can better learn about your business’s process. This will help you determine your productivity, identify internal bottlenecks, define opportunities that can be deeply optimized. The most important element of your goal-setting is linked to measurement as this will make it all worthwhile. 


  • Diversify Your Efforts For The Win – An important strategy for successful business growth is diversification. By finding aligned services to offer your existing customers, you know the ones that are already your biggest fans, you can take your service-based industry to a new level. By offering your existing customers a new service, you’ll be tapping into low-hanging fruit that can catapult you towards even your most challenging goals. 


The Pet Butler Business model helps service-based businesses expand their vision for growing their organization. Pet Butler has a strong foundation and a tested road map to reaching your goals. According to one study, businesses that set goals are ten times more likely to succeed. By setting long-term goals, you’ll gain clear insights into how your business is performing. Now that we are moving forward into Q3, what will your goals be? 

If you are interested in exploring diversification for your service-based business, explore Pet Butler today. 




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