4 Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales and Boost Revenue

increase sales

The goal of any business is to attract new customers and bring in more sales and revenue. However, a business can increase sales and revenue by selling more products or services to its existing customer base. While it is more cost-effective to expand your offerings to your current customer base, every business should look for new customers and try to expand its target audience.

How Your Business Can Increase Sales and Boost Revenue

Review Your Marketing Plan. Is your marketing helping your business increase sales? When did you last review your company’s marketing plan? Consider answering these questions to be sure your business is getting the most from it:

• Where is your target audience?
• Are they online or offline? If online, what platforms do they frequent?
• What does your target audience want to see? How often do they want to see it?

Keep in mind that quantity does not equal quality. While you should market regularly in different channels where your customers are, you need to have the right marketing message. That message should be consistent between channels. Before you begin a marketing campaign, you need to plan carefully so you are getting the right message to the right audience in the right place at the right time. Track your results so you can change what is not working.

Review Pricing. Are your offerings priced correctly? Do some market research to see what your competitors are charging. It is important to know where your business fits in your market. Tweaking your pricing (up or down) may help you gain more customers and/or increase revenue.

Expand Your Offerings. Do your customers need complementary products or services to what you offer now? If that is something your business can do well, consider expanding into those markets. By providing more assistance to your customers, your business becomes a more valuable resource to them. If you own a franchise, consider purchasing another franchise in a complementary industry with a similar customer base to capitalize on an audience with which you are already familiar.

Get Your Employees Involved. When employees feel like they are more than just a number, they are more engaged in the business and its success. That engagement translates to more productivity and better customer service. That improved customer service, in turn, keeps customers satisfied and coming back for more. Listen to your employees; they are on the front lines with your customers.

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