6 Traits You Should Look For In Any Job Candidate


If you have ever had to go through piles of job applications and dozens of interviews, you know what a challenge it can be. You want to find the right person for the position you’re hiring who will fit in well with the team and the company.

Things like qualifications are very important, but there are other qualities that may be just as important. If a job skill can be taught, then these qualities become even more important. Some skills can be taught, but other qualities cannot. Here are 6 traits to look for when hiring.

Traits to Look For When Hiring

When you interview job applicants, consider hiring someone who:

1. Comes prepared for the job interview. Many people view their job search as a necessary evil; something they have to do, even if they don’t want to do it. They get to a job interview ready to talk about themselves, but they haven’t thought about the role for which they have applied or the company itself. An applicant who is really interested in a position will do their research about the company and will come with their own questions for the interviewer.

2. Has ambition. This job applicant knows what they want in their next position and their career. They can articulate how their past work fits in with the duties they will be asked to perform with this position. An ambitious person may help to identify new ideas that could help the business become more efficient, effective and profitable. That is someone you want on your team.

3. Has motivation. You want to hire someone who is self-starter and does not need continual supervision. Having the best skill set on an application does not make up for someone who is unmotivated, lazy or will just cross things off a to-do list.

4. Takes responsibility. When you ask a job applicant about past employment, do they tell you what has happened TO them or what they DID? The applicant should take ownership of their employment and what they have accomplished at each company. That is a sign that they will take responsibility for things that happen if they are hired in your company.

5. Fits with your company’s culture. There are some positions for which skills can be taught and others where a specific education or experience is required. Will this person fit in with the existing job and team? If an applicant seems to fit with your company’s culture but is missing a skill that can be taught, you should still consider this person for the position. Having team members that work together well as a cohesive unit is as important as some skills.

6. Is flexible. Flexibility in a job is a fantastic trait in the person you consider hiring. This person will be adaptable to changes, opportunities, and  situations that may arise. These candidates will try different approaches to completing tasks efficiently and show effort to make sure they get the job done.

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