Building A Strong Client Relationships In The Digital Age

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Building a strong relationship when the whole world has gone digital has posed much more of a threat to quality customer service than small businesses are used to. The importance of client relationships on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can often be overlooked and underestimated. For large companies, hiring someone to manage your online presence is essential. But what are the small businesses that have always worked face to face? In this digital age, prioritizing online client relationships has never been more imperative to your business’s strategy. Pet Butler has the tips you need to build strong relationships in the digital age.   

Why Does Building Client Relationships Online Matter?

The cost to acquire a new customer is much higher than retaining a new one. A satisfied client is more likely to purchase more services or products from a business it has already had a positive exchange. A power of referral – word of mouth, online reviews, and testimonials are front and center in today’s social media-driven marketplaces, making the seal of approval from your current clients more powerful than ever.  

5 Steps To Building Strong Client Relationships In A Digital Age
  1. Set up your communication game. Positivity and thorough communication is the first step in building any kind of relationship with your client base. Every touchpoint with your clients should be positive and add value. Many times, clients will comment on social posts or send you a direct message with questions. These clients fully expect a thorough and quick response. If not, they will find their answer with someone else. When responding, the key is to be authentic and honest with your clients, so you begin to build trust. Especially when you are having to do it over the internet.   
  2. Respond quickly. When running your own business, it is not realistic to drop everything when you see someone has commented on a post or sent you a direct message. The best way to tackle this is to set aside time, every morning to respond to all the questions and comments across all your digital media channels. A quick and thorough response is what is needed.  
  3. Get personal with your clients. Recognizing your client as a person, on a human level helps you build a deeper connection. It may not feel that way when your clients are reaching out over a Twitter DM, but understand that a valued person/client sent the message. Acknowledging personal details within your response is key. This dynamic helps you become closer in your relationship with your client even though you have never spoken in person. Learning more about who they are and personalizing your messaging to them can help achieve this deeper connection.  
  4. Humility is power. Part of strong communication is being honest. Helping them understand you better helps them feel a stronger bond with you. For example, if there is a “bad” review, don’t delete or hide it away. Respond productively and courteously. Tell that reviewer that you are sorry for their experience and offer a way to make it up to them. This signals that anyone that reads the review, that your company cares about your customers and making the situation right.  
  5. Get the right tools. There are many client relationship management tools online to help keep track of all the tags, comments, and messages that come through. Investing in a platform that complies with all the questions and comments that come through your digital channels is a big help. That way you do not have to worry about missing a communication or a potential client! Check out tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Buffer 

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Finding new clients is crucial to the success of your small business. In today’s digital age, most of your clients are coming from online. Nurturing the relationship, you have with your client base by being proactive and genuine is crucial to your business’s success. Managing client relationships online brings the added benefit of referral and word of mouth business as well as helping you to know what types of customers fit best with your business model – so you can attract more like that.   

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