Lawn Care Owner’s Diversification Dreams Made Real With Pet Butler

Pet Butler - Ryan Leland

For Ryan Leland, a ‘crazy idea’ turned into a diversification dream. When Ryan was approached about diversifying his lawn care business with a Pet Butler Franchise he said, “For every reason that I joined Spring-Green, I joined Pet Butler.” Supporting his entrepreneurial endeavors, is his wife/business partner Bethany, three children, and two grandchildren. With the success of running his own lawn care business, Ryan wanted a way to offer more to his current customers while expanding his clientele.  He knew Pet Butler was the perfect fit.  


In the early years of Ryan’s career, he gained experience working for large and small companies alike. With new knowledge and understandings of where his passions lie, it was time for Ryan to take the next step. “I had a ‘what am I going to do now?’ moment and that is when I realized I wanted to go back into business for myself.” In 2008, Ryan invested in his first Franchise with Spring-Green Enterprises, Spring-Green Lawn Care. Bethany Leland states, “I am always in support of him doing what is going to make him happy.” Since then, Ryan has been growing his business and the services he offers to his community.   


When it came to the next step in his professional career, Ryan knew that Pet Butler would be a perfect addition to diversify his business portfolio.  Everything about these two models goes hand in hand. So why not?” Ryan continues, “From a business perspective, I know what Spring-Green customers have dogs. To balance my time between the two, we have nice traction with my existing business, I think things will be great.”   


This natural progress of diversification was very exciting for Ryan and his family. “Everything about the Pet Butler brand is cool and fun. The rescue partnership is what won our hearts.” The Leland family has been expanded by 8 furry legs for many years now. Both of their household pets are rescue animals. Their rescue dog Kanga and their rescue cat Roo.   


“The Pet Butler Call Center is very dialed in. So much of the business runs right through the Call Center and is handled right there.” For Ryan and Bethany, having a support team that can help them juggle the demands of running multiple, successful businesses is key. Pet Butler is proud to have two savvy and optimistic Franchise Owners apart of the group.   


About Pet Butler   

Founded in 1988, Plainfield, Illinois-based Pet Butler has been providing professional pet waste clean-up, and removal services for over 30 years. Its service is centered on providing a healthy and safe yard for our pets. Pet Butler is an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to align themselves with a business model with healthy profit margins, industry-leading business and marketing intelligence, recurring revenue and retirement, and succession planning. For more information, visit 




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