Creating Engaging Content  

Creating Engaging Content

Content is king. This mantra reigns true amongst all industries. Quantity is not enough for content to succeed. They must have strategic quality. What an organization puts out must serve a purpose. Creating engaging content doesn’t have to be a science. By educating yourself on a few best practices, you can launch an effective digital strategy that achieves your goals and drives your business forward.   

What Are The Best Practices For Content Engagement? 

  • Define Your Audience – The first step in cultivating engagement is to determine who you are talking to. This includes understanding the demographic makeup of your audience: gender, geographic location, age, education level, spending power, and other variables. Of course, you must take it a step further and serve up content that meets your audience where they are.  
    • Top of the funnel – Customers at the top of the funnel are simply exploring their options and trying to educate themselves. They need content that defines the product and service and how it can solve their problem.  
    • Bottom of the funnel – At this point, your customers are looking for how your product/service will add value to their lifestyle.   
  • Engage in places where your audience frequents – Once you’ve defined your audience, you can use that information to develop an idea of where they frequent. If your audience is senior citizens, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to launch a social media campaign on Snapchat, a platform frequented by young audiences. This is an obvious example, but it’s a common mistake to push content out to places where the target audience isn’t. Thus, generating weak results.  
  • Stay Consistent – One of the harder parts of engaging your audience is consistency. Your audience wants to hear from you on a regular basis. If you push out amazing content for a short period of time then begin to lag off, your audience will lose interest.   
  • Follow The Rules – When it comes to garnering the optimal engagement for your content, rules matter.   
    • Don’t spam – If you’re using email to share your content, make sure you follow the opt-in rules.  
    • Don’t copy – If you are trying to attract organic prospects through Google rankings, don’t push out the same content to more than one online location.   
    • Check your time and calendar – For social media, blog posts, and email, your time and day of the week matter.   
  • Measure + Pivot – How will you know if you’ve succeeded if you don’t measure your results? Set up KPIs (key performance indicators) to help you understand what you are doing is effective. Similarly, repeat consistent successes and pivot from weaker content that does not generate engagement at the desired level.   


Engaging content is the voice of your brand and part of the reputation you create. Meaning that every post on social media, every email sent, every blog written needs to have a voice and a purpose. The secret to winning at the content game is to know your audience and how to measure their engagement.   

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