3 Reasons to Use Database Marketing In Your Business

database marketing

Database marketing, or customer relationship management (CRM) as it is also known, uses databases to compile and analyze customer data in order to provide more targeted marketing campaigns to those customers or potential customers who have similar characteristics.

Here’s 3 reasons how a business can use database marketing to grow its business and improve its bottom line.

Business From Existing Customers With Database Marketing

Through the use of database marketing, a business can create more repeat customers by gathering information about them. This may include buying habits such as when they purchase, how often purchases are made, what types of products are purchased, dollar value and other demographic information. With this data, a business has an opportunity to create a personalized campaign – online or offline – with more relevant offers to customers.

For instance, the data could identify a group of customers with similar interests to see if they are purchasing similar items. A marketing campaign could be created for that group suggesting that they might be interested other items that are complementary to what they already purchase. This could be done for a variety of customer groups with varied targeted marketing campaigns based on database analytics.

Acquiring New Customers

Based on the information a business gathers about its customers, it can determine which ones are ideal for its business based on buying habits or other demographic attributes. Once a business identifies characteristics in common, it can identify people or businesses who are not customers yet, but who would be most in need of it sells. Through targeted marketing you can build a relationship with this new group by providing them with information about a problem they may be having, based on problems similar customers have had, and how your products or services can help them resolve it. This could be done through testimonials, case studies and/or showcasing certain products or services.

Providing Better Customer Service

Customers want to know that a business is listening to them and understanding their needs and wants. If a business isn’t paying attention to a change in purchasing habits, they may be missing out, not only on new purchases, but also customer loyalty. Targeted marketing allows a business to share related information that might help a customer solve a problem or give them a sense of inclusion by keeping them ‘in the know.’

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