Families Who Do Business Together, Scoop Poop Together

Owning a Pet Butler has been a new business adventure for cousins, Steve and Johny. They have shared many life experiences together, but they felt adding a Pet Butler Franchise was the inevitable next step in their relationship 


Steve and Johny come from a family where running your own business is the norm. As kids, these cousins grew up working at the family video stores. When the 21st century of technology and the internet struck, the video rental business fell quickly. Steve says, “The video stores were all we had. Our families did not believe us when we told them that the internet was going to take over. We need to do something different and diversify.”  


When the family business fell apart, everyone seemed to go their own way. For Steve, he took on many roles from technical support to finance. However, it was Steve’s most recent move that made him the happiest. Owning Premier Pet Supplies has allowed him to explore his love for animals prompting him to adopt seven local rescue cats.   


For Johny, the past ten years have been dedicated to being a dad to ten-year-old Ashton and providing financial services as a Mortgage Loan Officer. “All the wealthier clients I work with, talk about how they want to get into the Pet Industry.”    


Breaking into the Pet Industry has always been a goal of Johnys. When they ran across the Pet Butler model, Johny knew he needed to learn more about it. Johny, “I always told Steve that there has to be something that I can do to be a part of Premier Pet Supplies. We got on a call with the Pet Butler team and learned about everything it has to offer. The holidays pass by and I got a new puppy named Easton. It was a few weeks into having Easton that I realized that Pet Butler was on to something. That this business pays for itself!”  


Among their many business ventures, it was Johny who pointed out his excitement for the Call Center and Business Support. “Way back when I ran retail stores, man do I wish we had a Call Center or a Business Consultant. In business when you hit a plateau, it is up to you to figure it out. I wish we had someone to help with the pressure and make those suggestions or tweaks that we needed.”   


Pet Butler Livonia opens in February 2021 and Steve and Johny could not be more excited. Steve said, “The best part about this, is that even without Premier Pet Supplies, this works. This business works. We are excited to grow and hit the ground running.”   


About Pet Butler   

Founded in 1988, Plainfield, Illinois-based Pet Butler has been providing professional pet waste clean-up, and removal services for over 30 years. Its service is centered on providing a healthy and safe yard for our pets. Pet Butler is an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to align themselves with a business model with healthy profit margins, industry-leading business and marketing intelligence, recurring revenue and retirement, and succession planning. For more information, visit www.petbutler.com/franchise-opportunity 


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