Marketing on a Budget: 7 Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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A marketing strategy is an essential part of a company’s business plan. It helps your business be seen by potential customers, whether that is through direct mail, e-mail, website, social media, ads or in person. However, many companies don’t have a huge budget for expensive ads. Marketing does not have to cost a fortune. We’ll dive into seven low cost marketing ideas that don’t have to break the bank.

Low Cost Marketing Ideas To Consider:

1. Meet New People. Introduce yourself to at least five people every week. Over the course of a year, you will meet 260 new people. Each of those people could potentially be a new client. By asking a few specific questions, you may be able to qualify them even further. Is there a free or ‘introductory’ offer you can put on the back of your business card that would get them in the door?

Whether that offer drives them to a brick and mortar store or to your website, you have the opportunity to start a dialogue with them. Depending on the type of offer, a majority will use it with some of them becoming regular customers. That is a significant amount of new business with this as a low cost marketing idea – just cover the cost for the business cards.

2. Network. In this digital age, there is something special about getting to know people face-to-face. However, networking is more than a handshake and giving someone a business card. It’s about making a real connection and getting to know someone. It may involve a bigger time commitment, but having a strong network is the biggest asset a person can have, personally and professionally.

In that short amount of time, you need to be able to tell someone who you are, what you do, why your business is different and why they should care. Make it simple and concise – something that everyone will understand. There is no need to use industry jargon that people might not understand. Once someone is engaged, you will have about a minute to start to build that relationship before they move onto another person.

3. Social Media. Creating a business profile on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free! Take advantage of these online resources to connect with your customers and engage new ones. Through local content, information about your services and industry knowledge, social media as a low cost marketing idea will help increase your online brand presence and make some sales.

4. Ask for Testimonials. Do you ask your customers for testimonials? If not, you should start today. Online reviews can help when potential customers want to learn more about your business. The most common places to leave an online review are Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Make sure you’re responding to both positive and negative reviews, as potential customers may see that too!

5. Give Speeches. Yes, you can speak your way to more business. Do you have a topic that would be helpful to an audience? Have you put together a presentation around that topic? There are many organizations looking for speakers on a variety of topics for their events. Ideally, you would speak to organizations whose members are part of your target audience. This will give you a chance to be a subject-matter expert in front of a roomful of potential customers.

6. Cross Promote. Are there other complementary, non-competitive businesses in your area? Provide those businesses with a special offer that they can give to their customers from you, compliments of their business. Their business can offer more value to its clients, while giving you more exposure to a new audience.

7. Keep in touch with your current customers. It is easier and more cost-effective to keep your existing customers than to add new customers. You should reach out to your customer base regularly with information about any new products or services, or tips or industry news that might be beneficial to them. When you are front-of-mind, you become the first call when someone needs your products or services. By sharing information about an expanding line, you may be able to increase your revenue from your existing customer base.

While these low cost marketing ideas may take a little time and money, it isn’t a lot. In return, they may give your business the boost it needs.

Pet Butler Marketing and Support

Pet Butler provides its Franchise Owners with industry leading marketing and support from direct mail to e-mail and all things digital marketing. By having potential customers identified for them, Franchise Owners don’t have to be marketing experts. Pet Butler will also review what is and isn’t working in a certain territory and will fine tune the marketing strategy to make it better.

Whether you want to switch your independent business to a franchise system or you are looking for a new turn-key franchise opportunity with the resources and support to help you be successful, Pet Butler may be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about Pet Butler by calling 844-777-8608 or email at us


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