How to Turn Your Pet Passion Into A Profitable Business

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Throughout the United States, you can find dog lovers and dog owners everywhere. According to the American Pet Products Association and census statistics, there are approximately 78 million dogs living in 44% of the almost 127.6 million households. That means over 56 million households have at least one dog. Of those households, close to two-thirds of them own their own home. For business owners in the pet industry, these statistics are very positive.

Many of these dog owners treat their dogs like children. They want their dog(s) to be pampered and taken care of, even when they are busy. An entrepreneur could start or diversify to several types of businesses in the pet industry, each providing different products and services for pets and their owners.

Turn Your Passion Into a Business

If you’re a dog lover and want to start or diversify with a pet business, consider one or more of these to turn your pet passion into a profitable business:

  • Pooper Scooper Service. Especially when you have a Pet Butler franchise, a pet waste removal franchise owner will have access to marketing, technology, support and a call center. Depending on the area of the country, this could be a year-round business or it might be seasonal.
  • Pet Grooming. Dogs should be groomed on a regular basis in order to keep their coat healthy and them feeling good. There are courses you can take to learn the proper way to groom a dog or cat and the right products to use for different types of dogs and fur.
  • Pet Boarding. Pet owners cannot always take their pets on trips. If the owner does not want someone coming into their home to take care of their pet(s), they will need to board them. Pet boarding business owners will need to consider the space needed to house a number of dogs and cats (separately), an area to play, walk, and ‘take care of business.’
  • Doggie Day Care. Day-care facilities for dogs are becoming more popular. There are benefits to having dog socialized with each other while their owners are at work or otherwise busy. Again, you need to have the space for them to rest, eat, play, run around and ‘take care of business.’
  • Pet Photography. Is photography a hobby or a budding business venture for you? If so, consider pet photography. As much as parents want family pictures with their children, they also want to include their furry children – and get pictures of their pets on their own.

If you are already in the pet industry or looking to take advantage of the growing pet service industry, starting a Pet Butler franchise provides a great opportunity to become more entrenched in the industry and with your existing customers through a proven business model. The Pet Butler franchise system provides teams of experts in various areas to help their franchise owners.

According to Don Stone, Pet Butler Franchise Owner in Dallas, Texas, “It was easy for me to add on [a Pet Butler franchise] because we had the back-office services in place already. It was a great way to enter another phase of the pet specialty services group.” Stone, and all of the Pet Butler Franchise Owners, have access to marketing expertise, a dedicated business consultant, as well as back office support to answer calls, handle billing and process payments.

Whether you want to switch your independent business to a franchise system or you are looking to diversify with a turn-key franchise opportunity to help your business grow, Pet Butler may be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about Pet Butler by calling 844-777-8608 or email us at


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