How To Reward Your Employees During The Holidays

The holidays are a joyous and special time of year. There are celebrations of all kinds for many individuals. And with the holidays, come busy schedules. Work remains busy, while your employees’ personal schedules tend to become busier. During this eventful time, keeping your employees engaged while feeling valued is important.

One of the best ways a business can do this is to reward and treat their employees for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. Here are some creative and meaningful ideas on how to reward your employees during the holidays.

What are creative ways to reward employees?


  • Monetary bonuses: If this is a financially viable option for your company, you can monetarily reward your employees for a great year.
  • Chance bonuses: Not all companies can afford to provide every employee with a holiday bonus; however, they may be able to afford a little. Set up a game or a chance for your team to win a small holiday bonus.

Tangible Gift Options

  • Gift cards: Gift cards are an easy way to give back to your employees during the holidays. You can utilize sites and common retailers to provide gift cards for your team to use on items of their choice. Be mindful that not all employees will want a Starbucks or Chipotle gift card . Allow them to pick from personalized options or offer prepaid gift cards that act as cash.
  • Gifts: Allowing employees to pick from a selection of gifts is a sure way to show appreciation and allow them to personalize their gifts to fit their needs. Utilizing sites like Corporate Gift will allow employees to select a gift that they will enjoy.
  • Company swag: Employers can look to create some company-branded swag like water bottles, coffee mugs, totes, jackets, lunch boxes and so much more. This is a great way to design gifts that represent your brand.


  • Give additional PTO: Time is a precious and valuable thing. Many employees will appreciate the additional time off, whether it’s one or more days. You can grant this around the holidays, or let them use their additional time at their discretion next year.


  • Company-sponsored holiday gatherings: Inviting employees to partake in company-sponsored holiday events is another way to show appreciation for your team. Giving employees a night to celebrate together in a relaxed, fun setting can boost your company’s culture and morale.
  • Cost-effective company gatherings: If you’re not able to throw a formal event, pot-lucks and team lunches are alternatives to showing gratitude during the holidays.


Celebrating your employees during the holiday season is a tried-and-true way to demonstrate your appreciation for their dedication to your company and the work they do. It also boosts your team’s morale. When you partner with Pet Butler to turn your passion for pets into a business, you’ll also receive a plethora of resources to help your company succeed. Explore a franchise opportunity with us today.


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