A Stimulus Plan For Existing Pet-Industry Business Owners

A takeaway from 2020 is being deemed an essential business that provides some clarity for business planning purposes. For example, at Pet Butler, we have been operating as an essential business meaning there has been little interruption during COVID-19. Our Franchise Owners have been steadily gathering a recurring revenue stream from their loyal customers throughout the pandemic. We see a mutually beneficial opportunity to give back and have developed a stimulus plan to help existing pet industry owners diversify into an essential and profitable business   

Our stimulus plan has been created for qualified, Pet Industry business owners, who are seeking to diversify and expand their services by adding a Pet Butler franchise to work in conjunction with their existing business. The Pet Butler Stimulus Plan is compounding of three parts: Waived franchise Fees, Loan forgiveness for qualified candidates, and a Marketing loan.


When creating this plan, we had the existing Pet Industry business owner in mind. We believe that you will benefit from having a Pet Butler business work in conjunction with your existing business. We have a collection of success stories, ranging from doggie daycares to mobile groomers and even pet retailers. All businesses leveraging the Pet Butler marketing and support systems to help grow both of their brands. 

At Pet Butler, we are proud of the value we bring into our communities. We see it reflected in every decision our Franchise Owners make. Our owners receive fulfillment through our social mission and improving the environment around their community. If you would like to explore the Pet Butler opportunity and learn more about the Pet Butler Stimulus Plan, follow this link!  


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