5 Tips For Hiring Employees For Your Business

hiring seasonal employees

No matter what type of business you operate, there will always be slow and busy times in the year, and the pet industry is no exception. Perhaps more people request pet sitting services during the holidays, when they travel out of state to visit relatives. Or maybe your dog washing business picks up in the spring, since dogs are outside more often and getting dirtier. When you know that your business will be busier during a certain time of the year, you can help manage the rush by hiring seasonal employees. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to find seasonal employees, especially when you need them the most.

Find the Right Candidates to Hire Seasonal Employees

Tip 1: Start Early in the Hiring Process

Don’t wait until you need a seasonal employee to hire one. This may sound counter intuitive, but starting your search early has several benefits. For one, the type of employee who wants to work a seasonal job often knows well in advance that they will be looking for work before the season starts. For example, a college student knows from the beginning of the semester when they’ll be home for summer break—and when they would be available to make some extra cash at a seasonal job.

Also, if you start your search early, you’ll have time to find the right candidate, and won’t be forced to hire whoever applies just because you’re in a pinch. So if you know your poop scooping business picks up when the weather gets warmer, start searching late winter just around the snow melt.

Tip 2: Advertise Seasonal Employment Opportunities in the Right Places 

The type of person looking for a seasonal job may be different than one looking for a full-time career. It doesn’t hurt to advertise in the usual places, but you should also think outside the box. College students coming home soon for the summer probably won’t be checking indeed.com, but they’ll see a flier posted outside the dining hall.

Social media is also a great way to reach crowds without much effort being required. You can post jobs on your Facebook page, or even consider paying for advertisements so they reach a larger audience. Something as simple as a photo of a dog along with a statement such as “Do you love pets? Consider joining our team this summer!” can catch a pet lover’s eye as they’re scrolling down their newsfeed.

Tip 3: Use Your Network to Help Find the Right Candidate

For many of your customers, their pets are part of the family. As such, you likely have gotten to know the pet owners you service, and possibly even their friends and family as well. Use that network when you’re looking to hire seasonal help. Perhaps the daughter of a customer has just turned 16 and would be interested in dog-walking part time. Maybe the neighbor of a customer shows interest in your mobile grooming business. When you’re looking for help, let your customers know. They might be interested, or they might know someone else who would be.

Tip 4: Get Referrals From Your Employees

You already have good employees, so let them assist you when it comes to finding help. It’s in your current employees’ best interest for you to find help—without that help, they’ll be pressed to get more done with the same amount of time, and they might have to work overtime. You can also offer referral incentives, such as a monetary payment or a benefit like additional paid time off, for whoever refers the employee you end up hiring.

Your employees won’t want to work with someone incompetent, because they’d be the ones who’d have to pick up the slack, so they’ll be sure to refer only people they think would be capable and right for the job. Your sitters might know other sitters from past jobs, and your pooper scoopers might have friends who don’t mind dirty work that pays consistently.

Tip 5: Write an Accurate Job Posting

Make sure your job posting is honest and detailed if applicable. Always mention if you’re hiring for a seasonal job, because you don’t want to waste time interviewing someone who is looking for full-time, year-round work. Be open about how long the job will last and what type of schedule you expect the employee to stick to. Specify the types of skills you’re looking for and describe what the job will entail.

For example, if you know your sitters or scoopers will likely be walking at least 10 miles a day, put that in the job posting. Or if you want to hire an experienced groomer with certification, don’t forget to mention that in the job posting. The better you can describe what you want, the better the candidates will be.

How Pet Butler Can Help You Grow

Use these tips to get the help you need and when you need it, so your business can keep up with demand. Interested in a company that can help keep you up to date and competitive in the pet industry? Pet Butler can help you grow and diversify with our 46 years of proven expertise in marketing and technology, but don’t just take our word for it. “If you’re in the pet business already, take a serious look at this,” said Don Stone, Franchise Owner of Pet Butler and Pet Love Mobile Grooming in Dallas, Texas. “It’s a great business. Ninety percent of the things you need to know and do are already figured out for you.” Learn more about how Pet Butler can expand your pet care services. Call us at 844-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmypetindustrybusiness.com.


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