Getting Comfortable with “The Upsell”

Getting Comfortable With The Upsell

What is “The Upsell” in the pet care business?

Upselling has long been a strategy in the retail and service industries to increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. For pet care business owners in the U.S., understanding and implementing an upselling strategy can lead to increased revenue, longer client relationships, and improved services. While these are great advantage of the upsell, many business owners still struggle with the upselling process.

Understanding Upselling in Pet Care

Imagine a customer walks into your pet grooming salon for a basic dog wash. An upsell in this context could be, “Would you like a teeth cleaning or nail trim for your pet today? It’s on discount when combined with the wash!” It’s essentially making an existing customer aware of additional or complementary pet services you provide.

Existing pet owners, your clients, already trust you with their pets. The probability of convincing an existing clients to avail more services is around 70%, much higher than the 20% for new prospects. This results in greater average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for your pet business.

Laying the Groundwork for Upselling in Pet Care

  1. Assess Upsell Opportunities: What additional services or products can you offer? Can you bundle waste removal services with pet training? Or perhaps a loyalty card for frequent visitors? Maybe throw in a discounted toy with a certain grooming package?
  2. Define and Segment Your Client Base: Not every pet owner has the same needs. Group your customers by their pets’ needs; puppies, senior pets, active breeds, etc.. This way, you can tailor your upsell strategies for each category more effectively.
  3. Set Measurable Goals: Perhaps you want 20% of your current customers to also consider your dog walking services. Set these targets, so you have a clear path and can track your progress.

Best Practices for Upselling in the Pet Care Business

  1. Tune into the Pet Owners’ Needs: If a customer has an active dog breed, suggest energy-releasing activities or toys. If their pet is senior, maybe recommend a special spa or health check-up.
  2. Perfect Your Timing: Understand when to offer an additional service. It could be during appointment bookings or right after a service is completed. For instance, after a successful dog walking session, you might suggest a monthly waste removal option for their home.
  3. Be Transparent with Pricing: Pet owners want the best for their pets, but they also want value. Clearly explain the benefits and costs of the additional services.
  4. Stay Updated with Pet Care Trends: Whether it’s a new grooming technique or a trending pet toy, stay updated. This ensures your upsell offerings remain attractive and relevant.
  5. Showcase Testimonials: Got a pet owner who loved the additional service you provided? Showcase their testimonials on your socials. Positive word-of-mouth can greatly influence other pet owners in your market.
  6. Educate Your Team: Whether it’s your dog walkers or groomers, ensure your entire team understands the upselling objectives, tools available, and how to effectively communicate them to customers.

Incorporating these upselling strategies into your pet care business can not only boost your revenue but can also enhance the overall pet and owner experience. The key is to offer genuine value and ensure that the upsell truly benefits both the pet and its owner. To learn more about all of the services a Pet Butler Mobile Business provides, please request our complimentary information kit today!


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