Going the Extra Mile For Your Customers

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone went above and beyond for you? Ideally, when it comes to being a consumer, you have probably experienced this a time or two in the past. When it comes to quality service, going above and beyond for the customer is key to building a rapport within your business.  Your friends at Pet Butler have put together this guide on how to go the extra mile for your customers.  


Why does going the extra mile for your customers matter?  

Quality customer service is a key component in all areas of business. Going that extra mile, not only builds a rapport with your customers but solidifies brand loyalty from them. According to recent consumer surveys conducted, 96% of customers state that quality customer services are the most important choice when it comes to their loyalty to a brand. Additional areas of consumer studies have proven that more than 70% of consumers find quality customer service a key area of their loyalty to a brand.   


How can you go the extra mile for your customers?

There are many different methods that you can implement that will go the extra mile. Great customer service and consistent customer satisfaction focuses on several methods that you can implement in your business.   

Communicate with your customers – When a consumer reaches out to your business, whether it be in person, by phone, social media, or email they are expecting a quick response. Responding to them quickly is not about getting them in and out as quickly as you can but showing them that you are actively listening and ready to help assist them within the quickest possible timeframe. Being actively available and present for them shows your business is doing something extra to meet the satisfaction of your customers.   

Engage with your customers – Regular consumer engagement is a quality method to increase customer loyalty to your business. Consumer engagement is not just about communication, but it goes beyond that. Getting to know your clientele on a personal level is key to better meet their needs.   

Try these tips:  

  • Getting to know your customers by name along with personal details about them, help provide a more personalized experience.   
  • Actively communicate and engage with your customers consistently to ensure you are able to meet their needs.   
  • Regularly ask your customers for feedback. Surveys are a great way to engage with them to ensure your business is meeting their needs and expectations.   
  • Engage with your customers with honest and transparent communication. If you did not meet their needs or expectations, communicate on what you can do to win their satisfaction. If all else fails, ask how you can improve their experience.  

Statistically, emotionally engaged consumers are more likely to recommend and purchase from a business consistently. With your business, communication, and engagement should go hand and hand to show you are willing to go the extra mile.  


How do you focus on your customer’s experience versus service?    

The relationship between your business and your client base should not be viewed as just a one-time interaction. When you visit your favorite coffee shop you appreciate the friendly staff and the great coffee because they provide quality service. Customers tend to feel more welcome and appreciated when the coffee shop staff remembers your name and your order. All resulting in customer loyalty.    

Customers who have positive experiences with your business are far more likely to return and share their experiences with those around them. In a social media-driven world, where everyone is inundated with ads, recommendations from those around them are more valuable.   

Going the extra mile for your customers can be easy with these steps. Focusing on communication, engagement, and experience will provide will show that you are willing to do something extra.  Pet Butler is here to support our franchise owners with all the business support and development that you may need to help provide that something extra for your customers and increase customer satisfaction.  

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