Helping Your Employees Learn from Each Other


Throughout our lives we continue to learn, whether in school, business, or as a hobby. While we may learn from teachers, mentors, or managers, we can also learn from our peers.

How does that work in a business setting? Most small companies don’t have a dedicated training department. But that company may have multiple people who share the same type of position because of the work load involved. When a new person is hired, training may come from a peer who has the knowledge and skills to share. For small businesses, everyone can be part of the training team which means a lot of knowledge can be shared.

Technology in Peer-to-Peer Learning

Consider the generations of employees who grew up with technology; it’s second nature to them. Technology can be used to help train other people, and the younger generations make it easy and affordable to work with, and train, their peers no matter where they are. Online collaborations are well-established. Video tutorials allow a trainer to record a training session once, allowing it to be viewed by new employees and as a refresher for current employees.

Continuing Education

There are some industries where continuing education is a requirement. Even if your industry doesn’t require it, continuing education is something that all businesses should promote to their employees. As employees develop new skills or gain more knowledge, they can share that information with their colleagues through peer-to-peer training. Remember the quote, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” At Pet Butler, training is ongoing as systems and processes change throughout the year. Pet Butler owners take advantage of having a dedicated Business Consultant to assist with critical training, along with having access to other peers in business and a comprehensive operating manual.

Training as Teamwork

A benefit of peer-to-peer training is that it can help promote a teamwork and a positive work environment. A team building environment can prosper productivity, which will help retain employees and build employee engagement. While Pet Butler provides a blend of ongoing online, in-person, and hands-on training for owners and their managers, those systems are then brought to their individual teams, to promote that peer-to-peer support and development.

Cross-Training as a Learning Tool

Another tool which can foster peer-to-peer learning is cross-training. This allows employees to learn more about a different position than their own, whether it is in operations, customer service, marketing, or sales. Instead of keeping employees confined to their ‘silos,’ they can learn what other departments do, why they do it, and how each position affects the other departments. This will allow other team members to take time off, have dependency of just one person, and increase overall job satisfaction.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Caution

While peer-to-peer and cross training are important and cost-effective ways to train employees, they should not replace defined processes and procedures. These processes should be the basis of any peer-to-peer training; training should not replace them. As a business owner, you do not want to have an issue with quality because an employee teaches another employee an incorrect process. By doing so, that process is perpetuated and could continue to be improperly shown to others. Having video tutorials and an operating manual available will reduce any miscommunication.

Pet Butler Franchise Owners Have Resources

Some of the benefits of being a Pet Butler franchise owner is having resources available to help you learn from your peers. Many Pet Butler franchise owners develop relationships with other franchise owners. According to Coby Hough, Pet Butler franchise owner in Silver Springs, MD, “I have known many of the other Pet Butler franchise owners for years. We share the same problems, so we can talk about them and figure out the solutions together.” This is peer-to-peer learning at its finest!

Whether you want to switch your independent business to a franchise system or you are looking for a new turn-key franchise opportunity with the resources and support to help you be successful, Pet Butler may be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about Pet Butler by calling 844-777-8608 or visit us at


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