Improve Hiring with Written Job Descriptions

Pet Butler Assistant Manager Walks a Dog

The pet care industry is a rapidly growing business sector, offering a multitude of services ranging from grooming and boarding to training and daycare. As this recession-resistant industry expands, so does the need for a competent and dedicated workforce. Like many other small businesses, pet care business owners often face the challenge of frequent employee turnover. This high turnover rate can be mitigated by implementing a crucial yet often overlooked tool: written job descriptions.

Pitfalls of Neglecting Job Descriptions

The first mistake most pet care business owners make is not writing job descriptions at all. Without a clear job description, potential employees may not fully understand their responsibilities or your expectations of their role in your business. This lack of clarity can lead to confusion, decreased job satisfaction, and ultimately, higher turnover rates.

Even when job descriptions are created, they are often not utilized during the interview process. This missed opportunity can result in hiring employees who may not be the best fit for the role or the company culture. There is an important dialog that is established during the interview by stating, this is what’s expected of someone in this role; “which key responsibilities are you most concerned by?” Or “how much experience do you have doing X?”

Leveraging Well-Written Job Descriptions During Hiring

Well-written job descriptions function as roadmaps for potential employees, outlining their duties, responsibilities, accountability and opportunities for growth within your company. For pet care franchises, like Pet Butler, these descriptions are well-established and have been optimized and improved over many years by many other franchisees. By leveraging these documents, our franchisees can ensure that job applicants are well-suited for the role and fully understand their potential for advancement within the business.

For Pet Butler, our franchisees have access to written job descriptions for the following roles within our business model:

Service Technician: This is an entry level position with Pet Butler and will frequently include working in the field at each client location.

Pet Care Professional: This is the next step up and will mean responsibilities that include dog walking, pet sitting and shuttle services so a strong driving record is also a requirement.

Managers: Both managers and assistant managers help with scheduling the other team members and the handling of day-to-day business activities.

Pet Butler Assistant Manager Walks a Dog

Job descriptions also serve as a powerful tool for setting performance expectations and providing a basis for performance reviews. By clearly defining each role’s responsibilities, both the employer and employee can have a shared understanding of what success looks like in the position. If an employee is not performing the tasks expected of their position, further conversations can be documented prior to either a demotion or termination.

Employee Onboarding

Beyond being transparent with the hire, written job description also make it easier for our franchisees to compare one candidate to another, but these documents also form an outline for onboarding and new employee training. Which aspect of their duties clearly outlined, the new employee can work directly with their trainer or manager on which aspects they feel uncertain of. These documents serve as roadmap for employee expectations and a resource for training, education and employee development.

Employee Retention and Compliance Benefits

Written job descriptions are an essential asset for all small business owners, but particularly those considering new pet franchise opportunities. They not only help attract the right employees but also contribute to the overall success and growth of the business by improving employee retention. Written job descriptions also play a vital role in legal compliance, providing a foundation for meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring adherence to both state and federal employment laws.

By recognizing the importance of this simple employee hiring tool, and utilizing it effectively, pet care business owners can build a strong, dedicated team that is equipped to provide exceptional care for our furry friends. If you would like to learn more about the Pet Butler Mobile Business Opportunity, please request our franchise franchise information kit, updated for 2024!


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