Diversification &

Industry Associates Program

Diversify with Pet Butler

Witness the transformative power of diversification through the testimonials of Pet Butler business owners. Learn firsthand how adding on Pet Butler in conjunction with your existing business can create a robust source of recurring revenue, making your business recession-resistant. By diversifying your offerings, you not only expand revenue streams but also establish a resilient foundation for long-term success. Diversification mitigates risk by reducing dependency on a single revenue source and opens doors to new markets and opportunities. It fosters adaptability, allowing your business to thrive in fluctuating economic conditions and changing consumer preferences. Explore the possibilities with Pet Butler and fortify your business against economic uncertainties today.

The Pet Butler Industry Associates Program

Pet Butler has created a program for qualified1 Pet Industry business owners who are seeking to diversify and expand their service by adding a Pet Butler franchise to work in conjunction with their existing Pet Industry business.

There are three components to the Pet Butler Industry Associates Program.

4The estimated additional capital to start the business is roughly $8-10k* dollars allocated as follows:

  1. Vehicle decals – $1,105 to $2,380
  2. Technology Equipment – $2,150
  3. Supply package – $3,153
  4. Initial Property Database Fee – $600
  5. *This does not include working capital


  1. Qualified – Qualification is at the discretion of Pet Butler, LLC. Qualifications include but may not be limited to: Candidate is required to have an established business providing pet services or pet-related products to the geographic territory that is awarded. A credit score of 650+ or higher. A credit check will be required with a 650+ credit score.
  2. Marketing Loan – The loan will be in the form of a secured promissory note with Pet Butler, LLC. Payments will begin the month after training has been completed. The Marketing Loan may not be used to fund any other portion of the investment.
  3. Loan Forgiveness – To incentivize customer growth we have designated up to 50% ($12,500) of the Marketing Loan as forgivable. To qualify for the forgiveness amount, you need to achieve a minimum of 200 active, weekly recurring (4) customers within the first 24 (twenty-four) months of operations.