Knowledge is Power

Knowledge sharing within an organization has significant benefits, but it does not always happen. It takes the leaders of any team to foster a collaborative environment, but that can be a challenge despite knowing the advantages.

Here are some things you can do to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration in your business.

Promote Safety in Sharing

One of the best ways to encourage knowledge sharing is by creating a working environment in which team members feel they can share input and ideas that will be taken into consideration without negative repercussions. This is referred to as “psychological safety,” which Harvard Business School professor Dr. Amy Edmondson defines as “a climate in which people are comfortable being (and expressing) themselves.” This can have significant impact on employee experience and team dynamics.  When team members feel it’s safe to share their ideas, they are more likely to take risks, admit mistakes and learn from them, collaborate and support co-workers.

Provide a Variety of Ways to Share Knowledge

Beyond formal meetings, make sure employees have multiple opportunities to share what they know.  This is up to you and your organization to determine what would be best, but consider the use of real-time chat platforms (i.e. Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.) for your team to stay connected. Consider the work environment and how to allow for both quiet work areas and collaborative breakout spaces. Invite your team and direct reports to share their ideas and suggestions during your check-ins. If your employees have an easy and accessible way to share their knowledge, they are much more likely to do so.

Acknowledge Ideas Shared

Business owners and team leaders should look for opportunities to recognize those team members when they do offer up a good idea and actively share their knowledge with others. This is the best way to demonstrate that you and the organization appreciate and value a culture where employees share their ideas. Nurturing a sense of camaraderie and accountability will inspire your employees to work their hardest, share more frequently and benefit the overall business.


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