The Labor Challenge Continues to be Challenging

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A shortage of quality labor continues to be the leading challenge for outdoor service businesses.  It’s not just finding the most qualified person for the job, but also retaining them in such a competitive environment. According to Lawn & Landscape, a magazine focused on outdoor home services, more than half (56 percent) of outdoor home service companies have open positions. So, if you have not yet dealt with this issue, odds are likely that you will encounter it at some point in the near future.

4 Best Ways to Find an Employee

What will you do when faced with the task of hiring a new employee? Ask any pet industry business owner and they will tell you that finding qualified workers is a big issue, especially when almost a third of their revenue is being invested in wages (30 percent per IBIS World).

  • Social Media – It is not only a tool for doing business, but also great way to find employees.  You can search for candidates in your area, post your job openings and ask your employees and friends to share with their circles/followers.
  • Employee Referrals – provide an incentive for your existing employees to help find candidates.
  • Temps and Freelancers – can assist with overflow work in the short term, while you look for a permanent solution.
  • Open Interview Event – conducting an open interview day or event is a great way to speed up the hiring process.

How To Keep Your Employees

What if your concern isn’t hiring new employees, but keeping the qualified staff you already have? What should a pet business owner do to ensure employees feel valued and engaged? 

First, strive to create an atmosphere of teamwork. You want employees to feel like you are working together toward a common goal and that they are vital to achieving that goal. Especially in small operations, where you may already have a family-feel, fostering that sense of connection is huge. It helps your employees know that what they do is noticed and appreciated. One way to do this is by setting goals, whether these goals focus on production or the number of days employees go without injuries or taking a sick day, and then providing a reward for positive outcomes. 

A big reason many people move on from a job is they lack a clear understanding of what they’re responsible for day-to-day. Provide descriptions of each position, as well as an organizational chart to help in this area. Be clear about the responsibilities for each position and what your expectations are for every employee. And don’t be afraid to go over this during reviews. 

Finally, give your staff room to grow and gain responsibility. When people feel there is room to advance or a challenge to be met, it gives them a sense of accomplishment. That feeling can in turn lead to better employee retention. Also important? Listening to your staff’s ideas and suggestions. Your business will benefit from their thoughts, and they will feel more connected and involved as well. 

Pet industry business owners who have investigated expanding and diversifying their existing business with a Pet Butler franchise have been pleasantly surprised by the support they would receive. 

“I was looking for a partnership that could bring resources to the table that I could not—like a fully staffed IT department, digital media, marketing and business planning,”explained Jessica Friley, owner of Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort, Overland Park, KS, about her decision to expand with a Pet Butler franchise. Pet Butler helps you build and coach a winning team, a critical component of your long-term success.

Pet Butler is there to ensure that the growth of your pet industry business does not stall because of the potential loss of one or more critical employees. 

Want to learn how Pet Butler can assist you in hiring and retaining employees for your pet industry business? Call us 1-844-777-8608 to start or continue a conversation. 




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