A Dedicated Mission To Serve Pets and Their People Since 1988

Leadership: Executive Team Keeps its Eye on the Future

We have a balanced leadership team of pet loving and progressive minded individuals leading the Pet Butler organization. These experienced leaders combine over 100 years of experience in helping Franchise Owners reach their goals and dreams. The executive team recognizes the opportunity in the rapidly growing pet industry and is committed to investing in its people and its Franchise Owners by supporting the organization with the needed investments to realize its potential. All to keep the brand relevant and to build a sustainable business model for generations to come.

Ted Hofer, Chairman

Tom led the evolution of Spring Green for more than four decades. He provided the vision and financial responsibility needed to navigate the changing marketing place and survived not one but three recessions. Tom also provided the organization with its moral compass which is the basis of the core values and mission of the company. Tom retired in June of 2010 and assumed the Chairman of the Board role for Spring Green Enterprises, the parent company of Spring Green Corp. and Pet Butler, LLC. He is enjoying traveling with his beloved wife, Sue, and spending time with their grandchildren.

Ted Hofer, CEO

Ted grew up around the Spring Green business and saw firsthand the sacrifices his father and mother made in the early years. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in finance, Ted pursued his entrepreneurial roots by opening a franchise of another system. This experience, like his fathers, gave him the perspective of a Franchise Owner and that is evident in his efforts in leading the organization. Ted rejoined the Spring Green business in 2005 and moved through the succession plan holding various positions throughout the organization. Ted assumed CEO responsibilities in June of 2010.

James Young, President

A career in family business rooted in franchising led James to Spring Green in 2004. Having served in several key leadership roles he joins the Chairman and CEO on the executive team that steers the organization. James is the COO of Spring Green Enterprises Inc., President of Pet Butler, LLC and President of Spring Green Corp. James is known for his straightforward approach and his direct marketing tenacity. Under his leadership, the organization has made sizable investments in its staff, technology and marketing that have propelled the organization to where it is today.

Brian Kish, Vice President of Business Intelligence

Brian Kish has had a significant influence on the organization in his 40 years with the company. Brian has held numerous roles in that time and has served as the Vice President of Business Intelligence since June 2010. Brian's position is at the center of our organization. His team works across department lines supporting the needs of operations, marketing and finance with the data and analysis that helps our department leaders make decisions and recommendations to Franchise Owners. Brian has been instrumental in helping develop our franchise owner portal which provides analytics to Franchise Owners about their business's performance. Brian is married with two adult children and is now a grandparent to each. Brian and his wife are dog lovers and they have rescued a Goldendoodle named Bailey.

Mark Potocki, Vice President of Business Development

Mark Potocki joined the Pet Butler team in October 2019, as Vice President of Business Development. His recent work with Franchise Dynamics, a franchise management consulting firm, provides real-life practical experience and a deep understanding of what business owners are looking at when they decide to grow their business. Mark has served as a guest speaker at the IFA Legal Symposium as well as regional Franchise Business Networking and Women's Franchise Network events. Mark has been awarded three STAR awards at the Franchise Update Leadership Conference for best practices in his sector and has been seen on Fox Business News discussing the benefits of home and mobile franchises in today's economy. Mark brings a skill set uniquely suited to help small business owners understand the benefit of owning a Pet Butler franchise. Mark is married with three children and two dogs.

Kandra Witkowski, Business Development Manager

Kandra joined the organization in May of 2016 following our acquisition of her poop scooping business. The Pooper Scoopers, Inc. provided pet waste cleanup similar to Pet Butler and was absorbed by our company-owned franchise. Kandra has been instrumental in helping accelerate our knowledge in the pet service area. Kandra is an advocate for animal health and welfare and has sat on the executive board for Spay Illinois, Animal Rescue Foundation, and the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists.