What Are Some Productive Habits To Adopt?

For some, productivity can become hard with a short staff, tight budgets, and work-from-home scenarios. Whether you’re looking to level up your proactiveness or are a newbie, it’s not too late to become productive. Here are some tips to help you get a handle on your day, goals, and your future

7 Habits To Help You Become More Productive

  • Be realistic. You know yourself better than anyone. While you can strive to improve your habits and increase your productivity, you don’t want to set goals that are so elevated that you can’t achieve them. This is a common mistake that can derail your whole productivity initiative, so be realistic about what you know you will be capable of doing.
  • Set goals. What are you hoping to accomplish through this heightened level of productivity? Will you finish your book? Complete the steps to launch your new business? Finalize plans to go to market with a new product offering? How will you measure your success? It’s hard to celebrate, high five, and put on the happy dance without milestones to know that you’re winning.
  • Focus on habits that support your goals. Your efforts should line up with the improvements and changes to your future. A common mistake is to try and take on all the productivity hacks at once. Be sure to adopt habits that align with the things you are focused on achieving. Choose wisely and strategically.
  • Create an accountability pod. A pod is a group of like-minded peers that can help you stay on track. They might need some support with their productivity as well. A small “pod” will help you ask for support, stay on track with your goals, and lend a helping hand if things get challenging.
  • Early to bed, early rise. No matter what your productivity goals are specifically, tightening up your bedtime routine can help you stay on target. The rested mind is more focused, has more sustained energy throughout the day, and brings a stronger sense of clarity to problems or challenges. Even a small adjustment of 30 minutes earlier to bed or 30 minutes earlier to rise can be the reset your schedule needs to ramp up your productivity levels.
  • Simplify daily tasks. Groceries can be delivered. Meals can be prepped in advance. Commutes can be used as a time to learn with audiobooks. What time-sucking activities could you delegate, eliminate, or adjust to allow more time for you to focus on your productivity goals? Many of us miss out on chances to make life easier by getting bogged down in mundane tasks that could be removed from our schedule.
  • Assess your progress. Periodically take time to reflect on your progress toward productivity. As you set your goals in the beginning, take time to sync up your efforts with those goals. You might find that something has changed. A goal might be too easy so you set it higher. Something externally may have impacted the original goal and it may need to be adjusted. The step of regularly checking in will help you understand where you are winning, losing, or where you may need to pivot.

How Can I Stick To My New Habits?

Consistency is the secret sauce to making a habit stick. Many rules of thumb say 14 days, 21 days, and even 30 days are required to create a habit. It likely varies for everyone. However, once you decide which productivity habits resonate with you, you must stick with them for a consistent interval. Even though it may be challenging at first, this persistence will pay off in the form of less stress, more accomplished, and better output in the end.

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