Customer Service Basics: What Your Team Needs to Know

Customers are your company’s most critical asset. When it comes to customer service, a positive customer experience can be the key to gaining and retaining a loyal customer. 87% of people say that good customer service changes their buying behavior. In fact, of people who reported having a bad experience, 97% claimed to change their […]

Building A Strong Client Relationships In The Digital Age

Client Relationships Image

Building a strong relationship when the whole world has gone digital has posed much more of a threat to quality customer service than small businesses are used to. The importance of client relationships on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can often be overlooked and underestimated. For large companies, hiring someone to manage your online […]

Going the Extra Mile For Your Customers

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone went above and beyond for you? Ideally, when it comes to being a consumer, you have probably experienced this a time or two in the past. When it comes to quality service, going above and beyond for the customer is key to building a rapport within your […]