5 Tips For Training New Employees When You Are Busy

It’s like a double-edged sword. Every year you find yourself needing to add staff to the team to support your busy season. You struggle to find the time and capacity to train the new staff during this crazy time. It is possible to increase your staff and bring them up to speed even while the busiest […]

5 Tips For Hiring Employees For Your Business

hiring seasonal employees

No matter what type of business you operate, there will always be slow and busy times in the year, and the pet industry is no exception. Perhaps more people request pet sitting services during the holidays, when they travel out of state to visit relatives. Or maybe your dog washing business picks up in the […]

Benefits of Converting Your Local Business to a Franchise System

Pet Butler Franchise System

Independent business owners may consider switching to a franchise in order to expand their existing business and utilize the influence that comes with a larger, more well-known brand. Since every business is different, fitting into a franchise model may work for some, but not for others. Before you start the process of looking for the […]

3 Reasons to Use Database Marketing In Your Business

database marketing

Database marketing, or customer relationship management (CRM) as it is also known, uses databases to compile and analyze customer data in order to provide more targeted marketing campaigns to those customers or potential customers who have similar characteristics. Here’s 3 reasons how a business can use database marketing to grow its business and improve its […]

Short On Time? How Convenient Pet Services Support the Busy Owner

convenient pet services

Customers love convenience. Whether it’s purchasing goods via Amazon prime for 2-day shipping, ordering groceries online at Walmart website to be picked-up curbside at a local store, or filling a prescription from the comfort of a warm car at the pharmacy drive-thru, consumers have proven time and again that convenience is important to them when […]