3 Benefits of Regular Check-Ins with Employees

For many years it has been standard for employers to hold annual employee reviews for their staff. While annual reviews provide a space to discuss workplace goals and career pathing, it’s crucial to also touch base throughout the year. Holding periodic employee check-ins, in addition to yearly reviews, can be more constructive and beneficial for […]

The Labor Challenge Continues to be Challenging

Hire Train Motivate Retain

A shortage of quality labor continues to be the leading challenge for outdoor service businesses.  It’s not just finding the most qualified person for the job, but also retaining them in such a competitive environment. According to Lawn & Landscape, a magazine focused on outdoor home services, more than half (56 percent) of outdoor home service companies have open positions. So, if […]

Home Surveillance and Customer Communication

As a business owner in the pet industry, you’ve likely spent countless hours working on and thinking about ways to maintain your customer satisfaction. As business evolves, it is necessary to gauge what is needed and change accordingly.  If you provide services to your customers at their property or are thinking about diversifying your existing […]

The Benefits of Diversification

Just like in your investment portfolio, diversification is important for your business too. Before we dive right into the ways you can diversify your business, let’s define what diversification really is. In terms of investing, diversification means ensuring that you spread your capital amongst different investments. The reason to do this is so that your success is not contingent on one revenue […]

New Business Owner in Shawnee Mission: Andy Wiltz

Pet Butler is pleased to announce its newest Business Owner in Overland Park, Kansas, Andy Wiltz.  After studying Entrepreneurship in College and then experiencing life in the corporate world, Andy realized it was time to go into business on his own.  He was quick to identify the Pet Industry as the industry of choice to feed his entrepreneurial spirit and […]

What is a Recurring Revenue Model and Why Do I Need It?

A good place to start is with clear definitions. The recurring revenue model can be defined as a business model that is based on predictable revenues that recur at regular intervals on an ongoing basis with a relatively high degree of certainty. The recurring revenue model is very important to businesses that need more stability, […]

Should Your Business Be Offering More To Your Customers?

As a business owner, many questions and concerns might be going through your head daily. One of those universal questions might be, “Should I be offering more services to my customers?” And the answer is, in most cases, yes. Adding more services to your arsenal of offerings is a great way to diversify, draw in new customers, solidify relationships with existing customers and […]

Welcome New Pet Butler Business Owner Cesar Jimenez

Cesar Jimenez - Pet Butler Business Owner

Pet Butler, a business that serves pets and their people, announced that Cesar and Rachel Jimenez have been awarded two territories following a resale from an existing Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ multi-unit owner. The new management took over operations in May after initial training and will work alongside the previous owners (Bob and Janet Dailey will continue operating multiple […]

Did You Achieve Your 1st Quarter Goals? 

Business Goal Setting

Is anyone looking at the calendar and scratching their head wondering where the first quarter went? Yes, I am certain it happens to the best of us. Time marches on. We get busy in reactive mode, especially when business is booming. Of course, carving out some time to reflect on wins, losses, goal shredding, and […]

Top 8 Books To Read For Successful Business Owners

Successful Books For Small Business Owners

Part of being successful is constantly expanding your mind and growing your knowledge. One of the best ways to do this is by increasing your personal library to be full of educational and inspiring reads. However, when you are a business owner, you tend to be too busy to find the right books that are […]