3 Steps to a Powerful Mid-Year Business Review

Revitalizing Your Business Strategy Mid-Year Typically, annual business planning takes place in the last two quarters of the previous year. During that period, business owners and team members reflect on performance, assess goals, and devise supporting strategies. However, this often marks the end of the planning process. As summer arrives and a sense of relaxation […]

7 Techniques on How to Mentor an Employee

Have you ever had a great mentor who helped you advance toward your career goals, develop your skill set, and excel in your role? If you have, you know how impactful it is to have someone supporting your development. 1 in 3 employees say they don’t have someone at work who helps them grow & […]

How To Reward Your Employees During The Holidays

The holidays are a joyous and special time of year. There are celebrations of all kinds for many individuals. And with the holidays, come busy schedules. Work remains busy, while your employees’ personal schedules tend to become busier. During this eventful time, keeping your employees engaged while feeling valued is important. One of the best […]

3 Benefits of Regular Check-Ins with Employees

For many years it has been standard for employers to hold annual employee reviews for their staff. While annual reviews provide a space to discuss workplace goals and career pathing, it’s crucial to also touch base throughout the year. Holding periodic employee check-ins, in addition to yearly reviews, can be more constructive and beneficial for […]

Helping Your Employees Learn from Each Other


Throughout our lives we continue to learn, whether in school, business, or as a hobby. While we may learn from teachers, mentors, or managers, we can also learn from our peers. How does that work in a business setting? Most small companies don’t have a dedicated training department. But that company may have multiple people […]

4 Ways to Motivate Employees Without Spending Money

motivate employees

Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of a business. One way to help improve customer satisfaction is to make sure your employees are motivated and enjoy their job. A study from the University of Missouri found that when businesses focus on employee happiness and morale, customer satisfaction is increased. The study noted, “The link […]

9 Simple Tips to Manage Stress In the Workplace

managing stress

The workplace can be a major source of stress for workers in America. The workload, drama in the workplace and job security (or lack of it) play a role in workplace stress. Stress has become so detrimental to our health that the World Health Organization has declared the negative effects of stress as a world-wide […]

6 Traits You Should Look For In Any Job Candidate


If you have ever had to go through piles of job applications and dozens of interviews, you know what a challenge it can be. You want to find the right person for the position you’re hiring who will fit in well with the team and the company. Things like qualifications are very important, but there […]

7 Tips For More Productive and Effective Staff Meetings

Staff Meetings

When you hear someone say ‘staff meeting,’ does it fill you with dread? Why is that? Is it because too many meetings are poorly organized, too long, and don’t really accomplish anything? What if staff meetings were focused, organized, and productive? Team members might look forward to sharing ideas, collaborating, and feeling like they are […]